Assignments and questions with a broader scope than that of specific studies are treated within SPOG by special working groups. The following working groups are currently active:

Professional Development Working Group
This group takes responsibility for some parts of postgraduate and continuous education in the field of paediatric oncology and hematology. It can award so-called “credits” for continuous education courses and count them toward required continuous education. Furthermore, it organises, coordinates and carries out the annual subspecialty exams for paediatric haematology and oncology.

Protocol Working Group
This group evaluates all studies submitted by members of the SPOG with respect to their adoption as group-wide protocols. After a prior review of relevant regulatory aspects by SPOG Office employees, checking for conformity with research guidelines, laws and protection of study participants, the medical, methodological and financial aspects of the study are discussed. Following this the working group formulates a recommendation concerning the participation or non-participation for the SPOG Research Council, which ultimately decides on the recognition of a study as a group-wide SPOG protocol.