The extraordinary success in treating children and youth with cancer is based on a tradition of years of clinical research.

Children and youth afflicted with cancer are treated here in Switzerland in accord with the very newest state of the art in medical science. Every child or youth affected by this disease is given access to the most effective treatment and the highest possible long-term and short-term quality of life.

In order to achieve this high standard, oncological patients are treated whenever possible in a quality-controlled international treatment study. This study researches whether a new medical measure is effective and safety in patients. In isolated cases new medications are used. These are always introduced in several phases (I to IV) and they are administered according to strict legal regulations and internationally valid criteria. In some studies, there is already research into whether it is possible to achieve the same prognosis without using certain elements of treatment (e.g. radiation treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma) in defined situations for the purpose of minimising later consequences associated with treatment.

After the diagnosis is established, the parents and the patient are presented with the option of participating in the suggested treatment optimisation study in the framework of the general discussion of the course of treatment and they must sign an informed consent declaration before treatment can be initiated.