Since children get different types of cancer than adults and in some degree react differently to medications, there is a need for specific cancer research for children and adolescents. SPOG works as a non-profit-oriented, academic research organisation in this field. As children, compared to adults, thankfully only rarely get cancer and therefore form a group of patients that is relatively small in number, our research is of little interest to profit-oriented companies. We are therefore fully dependent on other sources of financing for our work.

We are grateful to the following institutions and organisations, as well as private donors, for their support:

State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation SBFI

Swiss Association for Paediatric Cancer Assistance

Swiss Cancer Research

The association Zoé4life supports the Swiss Paediatric Oncology Group within their specific research to better treat cancer in children suffering from a relapse. Through this financial support, new research projects can be launched more rapidly.

Other Foundations

Private Donors